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When I saw myself in the photos, I knew I had to make the change. I was fit and in shape so I’ll always be fit and in shape! Or so I thought. I, represented my country as a sprinter and long jumper, founded my own personal training company and was a qualified cardiac and exercise physiologist on a groundbreaking cardiac rehabilitation program. All before 25.

Then I moved to London. The good habits were replaced by bad. I met my soul mate, moved to Australia, got married and, saw the photos. They made me cringe. I’d put on 20kgs in 10 years. XXXXL here I come. My dad’s cholesterol had sky-rocketed and with that family history, I realised I was on my way to being one the statistics I was preaching to my clients and patients every day in my cardiac physiologist role.

Would the children we dreamed of having together believe that their dad had won international athletics medals? Ran marathons? Had a 6 pack?

I was determined to get back in shape and rediscover my health and fitness. Not just for me, but for my wife and kids.

Sound familiar?

I went back through my university notes, read the textbooks on nutrition and work physiology and started following the programs I gave to clients when I was a personal trainer.

I’d been qualified to coach since I got my Exercise Science Degree in 1995 but I never thought I’d be coaching me! I found that having that ever-present motivation of my kids was a huge factor in me successfully losing the weight, gaining the energy and health (and yes, the 6 pack!). It instilled the sustainability of the daily habits of healthy eating, exercise and adequate rest that I still teach today.

My Fitness Prescription was born from my patients encouraging me to share the indirect coaching I was providing to them. In my work as a cardiac physiologist, I spend lots of time using ultrasound to see what’s wrong with people’s hearts. This provides a great opportunity to talk about all sorts. It normally centres on their health, fears and aspirations. I regale my personal story a lot. Then offer tips and guidance that would be beneficial to them.

“Why not take that information and guidance on-line?”, a regular patient said.

The on-line version, My Fitness Prescription could be born.

Just imagine if you continue to do nothing.

In 12 months time, your life is pretty much the same as it has been since you hung up the boots, spikes or trainers. Same routine, same results. the return of your health, fitness and energy remains a dream.

Now imagine waking up 12 months from now shivering with excitement because of the day to come. You feel awesome, alive and you’re lacing up your boots, spikes or trainers. Your dreams are in view. In fact, you’re living them! You did something about it and you feel good about yourself. The first time in a long while.

I worked out what it took to change my life. From a motivational and practical point of view. I made it work for others. If you had a proven plan that could help get you back into shape and rediscover your health and fitness and you had the guidance of an expert, you could do the same. That’s the power of coaching and that’s why I’m here, to guide you to your health and fitness dream.


Paul Dundas BSc. (Hons.), DMU (Cardiac)

Cardiac and Exercise Physiologist.

After an injury-shortened international athletics career, which included a Youth Olympics Gold Medal, Paul Dundas, BSc. (Hons.), DMU (Cardiac), received his Exercise Science degree in 1995.

He trained at the nationally renowned Action Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre, qualifying as an Exercise Physiologist in 1997.

Moving to London, he started Aktiv Potential Personal Training working around his full-time positions at BUPA and Harley Street Clinic. After meeting his soul-mate and moving to Australia, he added to his skills qualifying as an Advanced Cardiac Physiologist in 2009.

Since that time he has helped hundreds of people (including himself) get back in shape and rediscover their health and fitness.

With three young children, a wife, a clinical and academic career, his coaching has transitioned to an online platform.

He provides high-quality, online coaching powered by Precision Nutrition’s proven, evidence-based curriculum.

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